Ilizarov Method

The Ilizarov method is a system in which the bone is fixed with thin wires and rings. It aims to keep the bone growth under control by placing a ring and wires. The most dramatic area where Ilizarov is practiced is the height extension.


Extremity lengthening and reconstruction techniques are used for filling bone defects and correcting and lengthening bones with deformity. These procedures can be applied to pediatric or adult patients (3-70 years) with congenital disease, bone loss or traumatic limb length inequality. In this technique, bone is cut with surgery and lengthened gradually; new bone formation (osteogenesis) is observed in lengthening site. Bone can be lengthened up to 12 cm with this method.The Ilizarov team in our hospital consists of orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, nurses andsupport personnel who are experienced, educated
and trained in all fields of extremity lengthening and reconstruction surgery.


First, the patient is evaluated. Appropriate x-rays and tests are required. If surgical treatment is considered, the team and the patient discuss all appropriate treatment alternatives and decide on the most appropriate surgical technique. The goal is to provide controlled lengthening of the bone. The mechanism that will provide this control during surgery is fixed to patient’s bone with wires and screws. The surgery is performed through one or two incisions of a few centimeters. Maximum care is provided during bone cutting in order to inflict minimum damage to bone and surrounding soft tissues. Lengthening is usually commenced at first week after the surgery. Through the instrument we placed, with a simple process that the patient can easily perform on his own, the two ends of the cut bone are separated by 1 mm daily. Since the gap between the separated bones is filled with the new bone formation, the process can be applied up to 12 cm by separating 1 mm daily. After the patient is discharged, the physical therapy program is the most important step in the treatment. All patients are encouraged to attend daily activities such as school, work, etc. It is allowed to walk and to take shower with the instrument (with disinfectant agents). Once the patients are discharged, they can return to work. Follow-up period varies for individual patients. Usually, patients are controlled every 2-3 weeks in our clinic.

Where Else Is The Ilizarov Method Used?

Open and closed fractures Usually after a high energy trauma like a traffic accident or falling from high, skin integrity is also harmed in addition to the fracture; this is called an open fracture. In such fractures, microbes from the outside world can easily reach the bones; and may lead to a kind of bone inflammation called osteomyelitis which has a long and difficult treatment. In these cases, using internal fixation materials like nail and plate has an infection risk. For this reason, external fixator materials like the Ilizarov system is preferred. Unstable fractures In these cases, blood supply needed to heal the fracture is disordered. The Ilizarov system is used since it also increases the blood supply. Correction of arm and leg curvatures Correction of bone loss subsequent to tumor, trauma or infection Increasing the height in Dwarfism Bone infections Hip Dislocation in Children and Adults