Cerebrospinal Nerve Surgery is one of the service areas of Ortopedia Hospital. In the Spinal Surgery unit of our hospital, Cerebrospinal Cord and Nerve Surgery specialists and Orthopedics and Traumatology specialists specialized in spine work together. Spinal surgery department services, which focus on open or closed spine surgeries in lumbar and neck hernias, spinal canal stenosis, spinal tumors, spinal deformities, are provided by experienced orthopedic and brain-spine surgery specialists.

All radiological methods, treatments and intensive care support required for diagnosis and treatment in post-traumatic head traumas, spinal fractures and associated complete and partial paralysis are available in our hospital.

In our hospital, we solve the spinal problems of our patients by using all the possibilities of modern medicine with a team of spine surgeons orthopedists and experts experienced in neurosurgery.