The Establishment History of Private Ortopedia Hospital

Private Orthopedia Hospital was founded by 9 orthopedist physicians. Providing health service for many years in different fields of Orthopedics in the department of Orthopedics and Traumatology in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Çukurova; Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Bayram, Prof.Dr. Mahir Gülşen, Prof.Dr. H.Serdar Özbarlas , Prof.Dr. Mustafa Herdem, Prof.Dr. Yaman Sarpel, Prof.Dr. Emre Toğrul; who were also founding partners, saw that working and producing together in different fields increased productivity and success. This team included Op.Dr. A.Can Göçük, Op.Dr. Cihan Koca and Op.Dr. Ercan Onaç, who were also graduated from the same Faculty, among them and all began working with the parallel understanding, first in a medical clinic. Positive results achieved after the teamwork at the medical clinic revealed the idea of ​​establishing a hospital which will provide service only in the field of Orthopedics. As a result of the hospital founding efforts which were started with this idea, on 22/07/2008, the Ortopedia Hospital started to serve with units consisting of an experienced specialist physician who will work with an academician doctor in each sub-branches of the Orthopedics, and in other branches which work closely with Orthopedics including Brain-Spinal-Nerve Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine and General Surgery. JCI (Joint Commission International) application was made shortly after starting service and it was awarded the JCI Accreditation Certificate on 10/01/2010 after the audit was conducted. On 15/06/2015, 4 of the founding members resigned by transferring their shares to the other partners, and since then Private Ortopedia Hospital continues its services with the board of partners consisting of Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Bayram, Prof.Dr. Mahir Gülşen,  Prof.Dr. Mustafa Herdem, Prof.Dr. Yaman Sarpel, and Prof.Dr. Emre Toğrul.