Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (FTR) aims to reduce the pain in the patient, to increase the quality of life by eliminating the loss of function and to help them return to daily life activities. The physical therapy program created by the FTR specialist by evaluating the patient is applied by physiotherapists. Mainly FTR applications are:

  1. Basic applications 
  • Heat treatments: Cold and hot therapies
  • Electric current applications: TENS, Faradi
  • Beam applications: Laser, infrared
  • Mechanical applications: Exercises with/without tools, massage, traction, CPM

 2-    Other applications 

Manual therapy, Kinesio taping, Injections, ESWT

Private ORTOPEDIA Hospital, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department, which brings high standards, trust and friendliness together, is ready to work as a team in the rehabilitation of all our patients.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

It includes the rehabilitation practices of patients with knee problems, hand and wrist problems, shoulder problems, foot-ankle problems, hip problems, spine problems, fractures and dislocations before and after orthopedic operations. The FTR team of our hospital starts rehabilitation immediately within the limits recommended by the orthopedic specialist in the patients who have recently undergone surgery in the hospital, the patient is both rehabilitated during his hospitalization and has the opportunity to become independent in a short time by applying it at home after he is discharged after learning the exercise program that he should do at home.

Hand Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation after hand surgery can be successful in terms of the sensitiveness and easily impaired structures of the repaired structures when performed by a team experienced in the hand. In our hospital, a patient-specific rehabilitation program is prepared with a physical therapist in accordance with the recommendations of the Hand Surgery department in order to restore the functions of the hand in cases of loss of function after the treatment or reconstruction of tendon, nerve, ligament, bone and joint injuries, and this program is applied by physiotherapists experienced in the hand.

Amputee Rehabilitation

Peripheral vascular diseases and traumatological events are the most important causes of leg amputation. Rehabilitation is very important for patients who undergoes amputation to return to functional life again. The rehabilitation process starts in the preoperative period and continues for a lifetime. Such an important issue is one of our main areas of interest.

Sports Injuries

Performing protective and therapeutic rehabilitation practices in order to have the athlete return to sports as soon as possible after sports injuries is an issue that our hospital attaches importance to.

Rheumatic Rehabilitation

All facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of various musculoskeletal diseases, neck, back and waist pains, neck and lumbar hernias, joint arthrosis, inflammatory rheumatic diseases, osteoporosis disease are available in our hospital.

Neurological Rehabilitation

You can also find physical therapy and rehabilitation applications for diseases such as paralysis, nerve injuries, facial paralysis caused by stroke, brain damage and spinal cord injuries at Ortopedia Hospital.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy) is one of the most important childhood diseases that require rehabilitation. We recommend you to entrust your children who need physical therapy and rehabilitation, including cerebral palsy, to our friendly specialist staff.

Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular rehabilitation is also applied in Ortopedia Hospital, which is applied to people with cardiovascular diseases to reach their maximal physical, psychological and functional capacity.


Physical therapy and rehabilitation, used in the treatment of rheumatic, orthopedic, neurological, respiratory and heart diseases, increases the functional capacity to the highest level and accelerates the process of returning to normal life. While modern medicine adds years to life, rehabilitation adds life to years.