Every patient whose vital functions are impaired enough to endanger their life is defined as a critical patient. Impaired functions may concern one organ or more than one system. As the number of organs and systems affected increases, the severity of the disease also increases. Intensive care units are the services where critical patients are monitored 24 hours a day by doctors and nurses who are experts in this field, and where necessary devices and advanced technology are used in intensive care, especially artificial respiratory devices.

ORTOPEDIA Hospital Intensive Care Unit serves to provide care and treatment of critical patients of all ages. All necessary interventions can be made in this department, which is equipped with modern devices with advanced technology. Our unit provides first level intensive care service with its 3 beds with artificial respiratory devices and monitors showing all kinds of vital functions at each bed and 24 hours full staff, while also receiving the support of physicians from other fields.

All laboratory tests and imaging tests can be applied to patients in the intensive care unit at any time of the day. All body requirements of the patients such as breathing, nutrition, cleaning, toilet are provided by the intensive care team.